Uncommon and Creative Spots to Place Stickers

Uncommon and Creative Spots to Place Stickers

Looking for the perfect spot to place your one-of-a-kind sticker? With their endless combination of shape and design, custom stickers allow for an expression of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. However, some people may find it difficult to part ways with their endless options for placement possibilities once they finally decide where to stick these fun and charming adhesives.

We understand that sticker placement is a serious commitment — you want to make sure that your beautiful design can be showcased in the best way possible. To help you round down your decision-making, here are a handful of creative places to slap your stickers on that you might not have considered before!

Headphones and Speakers

Turn your music into a visual experience by decorating your headphones or speakers with stickers! Over-the-ear headphones typically have a flat surface on both sides of the device that are wide enough to house smaller stickers, adding flare wherever you go. Speakers, on the other hand, range from portable sets to large home systems, giving you a greater canvas to work with.

Machines and Equipment

Stickers can transform bulky slabs of metal equipment into a lively workspace. The next time you’re printing an important document for personal or business endeavors, give your eyes something delightful to look at with a printer decked out in stickers. If you’ve taken up a new sewing project, the process can eventually get tedious. Decorate your sewing machine in stickers to give you motivation to keep going! And if you can’t start your mornings without a cup of joe, start your day by looking at the beautiful stickers on your coffee machine.

Traveling Luggage

Got bit by the traveling bug this year? Something unique about decorating your luggage in stickers is that it can be both adorning and functional. Whenever you visit somewhere new, you can put a sticker from that location on your suitcase and build a unique collection! The more stickers you have, the more your luggage will stand out, making it easier to spot in baggage claims. Not only that, but the more distinctive your luggage, the more protected it will be against potential robbery.

Vehicle Mirrors and Interior

While sticker decals specifically exist to place on the exteriors of cars, go one step further by bringing the fun on the inside! Place stickers on the dashboard of your vehicle, on the passenger doors, or on the rearview or visor mirrors. Turn long road trips or quick errands into an exciting and individual experience. And whenever you have guests in your car, you’ll be giving them a joyful surprise, too!

Outdoor Equipment and Tools

Don’t limit yourself to indoor spots. High-quality stickers are meant to stand against tough conditions, meaning they can still maintain their placements even if they go through some roughing up. From hard hats to lawnmowers, there’s no harm in having a sticker or two to give your equipment some character and shine. Stickers on flower pots are also a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your garden and flowers.

Desks and Work Tables

Work hard, but don’t forget a little play! People love decorating their desks at work for a reason — it gives them a sense of individuality and livens up their day-to-day tasks. While you may not be able to place stickers on your desk at work, you can still give your work space at home a special appeal with custom die-cut stickers. Work tables for projects and crafts can also be sticker-fied to boost your creativity and personality.

Stickers for Anywhere and Everywhere

The limit is endless for sticker placement opportunities. Whether you’re enjoying some relaxing time alone or pushing through the work day, stickers add an enjoyable and stunning touch to every experience. Refer back to this list whenever you need inspiration for a new sticker in your collection, and if you’re in need of more custom stickers with designs near to your heart, contact us at StickerPrintGo!
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