How to Design Your Perfect Custom-Made Sticker

How to Design Your Perfect Custom-Made Sticker

Designing the perfect sticker from scratch requires a lot of decision-making. While it does take an imaginative mind to create a fun and exciting design, there is also a level of strategy that goes into creating an effective sticker. Whether you’re promoting a business or adding a twist to a personal gathering or event, you want to make sure that you’re displaying an accurate representation and conveying the right message and tone.

At the end of the day, it’s all about experimenting with different elements to see what works best for you and why you need the custom stickers in the first place. Stickers should elevate whatever design they are displaying, and while there is no perfect recipe to creating the ideal sticker, it’s definitely possible to achieve the perfect vision that you’re going for! Here are some important elements to consider when designing your custom-made sticker!

Don’t Reinvent: Utilize Your Logo

For those who are designing a custom sticker from a business perspective, the most obvious choice would be to use your already existing logo as your design. Since your logo itself is a visual embodiment of your business, transferring this vision into sticker form can save you valuable time and effort. As the famous saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Chances are that you’ve already spent a fair amount of time planning out the perfect design for your logo, and not using it to its fullest potential would be a waste. Save yourself the headache of having to redesign and reinvent by using your business’ logo for any custom stickers you may need, whether it’s from a promotional or functional standpoint. By using your logo, you’ll also be increasing the recognizability of your business or brand!

Visual Appeal: Influence with Color

Sticker designing is all about visual appeal. One of the best ways to make your design stand out is by utilizing the right colors, which means understanding which colors evoke which emotions. Businesses use the power of colors in logos and advertisements to influence their audiences to use their products or services, but this hack can also be used for personal use as well! For example, red can be used to stimulate a sensation of hunger, so if you have a restaurant you want to promote, consider using red in your sticker design.

From a personal use standpoint, whichever event you’re using custom stickers for, be sure to match the color with the general tone of the event. For example, bright and bold colors can be used for stickers being handed out at a kids birthday party as opposed to muted and pastel colors. However, visual appeal does not solely rely on color. Be sure to have a simple design so that people don’t have to decipher what your sticker is trying to display, but also have enough in the design so that the sticker itself doesn’t end up being boring or unappealing.

Be Creative with Shape Design

One way to take your sticker design above and beyond is by experimenting with shape. While you can’t go wrong with a square or circle sticker, having a unique shape for your original sticker design can add an extra level of fun and dimension. Die-cut stickers are a popular option at StickerPrintGo because they can virtually transform any design in a new and refreshing way, making the possibilities for sticker designing endless!

However, if you end up deciding to use a square or circle shape for your custom made sticker, you still have the opportunity to get creative! For example, sports-related businesses or events can use the circle shape to display soccer balls and basketballs. Starting off with a square or circle shape is essentially like having a template for whatever design you’re looking to create, making the process so much easier!

What is Most Important to Highlight?

While color and shape are vital, the most important step of sticker designing is figuring out the design itself. To elaborate, you most likely won’t have a single color filling up a square sticker without anything else to showcase on it. There needs to be an actual design created that will represent the image of your business or personal event. This design can either be drawn or digitally created, and while there’s many options to choose from, it’s important that whatever design you choose to display makes sense to the message you’re trying to convey.

Ask yourself this question: what is important for me to highlight in this sticker? If you’re promoting a business that has an animal in the name, use that animal in the sticker design. If you’re using custom made stickers for a family gathering, who or what is the gathering based around? Again, stickers should be elevating the design, but to have an effective design, there needs to be an effective action plan.

Ready to Design Your Custom Made Sticker?

Designing a custom sticker can be an overwhelming process. With the influence of colors on emotions, the creativity that shapes can portray, and the overall message behind your original design, there are many imaginative and artistic routes that can be taken to create the perfect sticker. Once you have these elements in mind, it’s just a matter of putting them all together and seeing which ones work best and compliment each other.

To turn your perfect design into a custom sticker reality, contact us at StickerPrintGo!
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