How Stickers Can Provide an Interactive Experience

How Stickers Can Provide an Interactive Experience

With their many possibilities in shape, design, and color, stickers are the physical embodiment of enjoyment and fun. Though mostly used for decorating, stickers seem to be mistaken as only having this single use or purpose. Yet, what most people don’t consider is that a sticker’s value goes beyond their ornamental appearance. In fact, there are many different ways in which stickers can provide people with interactive experiences, taking their worth and merriment to a whole new level.

Interactive experiences through everyday items allows people to connect with these objects on a more personal level, which makes them less likely to be discarded or forgotten about and encourages engagement and retention. From children to business owners, stickers can be utilized by all, and their interactive potential opens up a world of possibilities. Here are just some examples of how stickers can be used to create interactive experiences.

Direct Links with Original QR Codes

The most common examples of how stickers can provide an interactive experience is through QR codes, which have become increasingly popular with the rise of smartphones. With these types of stickers, designs and quick-response barcodes work together to direct users to online URLS that can display information or websites, all in a matter of seconds. Businesses who are looking to increase their brand awareness and make their services easier to access combine marketing and entertainment through the use of QR code stickers.

QR code stickers can also be used for purposes outside of business and commerce. In the age of digital, QR codes are just a fragment of the endless stream of possibilities, and can be directed to virtually anything available on the internet, from contact information to photo drives. Not only are you able to create a convenient connection to the link of your choosing, but you can also display this in a fun and creative way. They can add a personal touch to any event, allowing people to explore an intricate world beyond the appealing adhesive.

Canvases for Writing and Coloring

Depending on the type of material in which a sticker is made, these sticky sheets can act as makeshift canvases for writing and coloring. Undoubtedly, these options alone allow for a plethora of creative opportunities, but they can also be used for functional purposes. Most people are familiar with the classic “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers that are commonly used for social or business events. This space for interactiveness allows people to convert something as simple as introducing themselves into a totally unique experience.

Though generally more targeted towards children, certain stickers can have black and white designs to allow for coloring. Coloring in itself is a fantastic way for children to develop their fine motor skills while practicing structure and focus. However, coloring is not just limited to kids! Coloring can actually be a method for relieving stress in adults, and having a sticker to color whichever way you see fit can enhance your sense of individuality, especially if you use these stickers to decorate your personal belongings.

Reuse and Experiment with Tape

While there certainly isn’t a lack of stickers in our day-to-day life, each sticker’s uniqueness in design makes them incredibly valuable. Due to the permanence of the adhesive, many people prefer to hold off on displaying their stickers until they’re certain they’ve found the perfect placement. However, a sticker’s value doesn’t diminish once it’s been stuck on an object! A simple way to reuse and experiment with different stickers is by placing tape on their backing, either for temporary planning or long-term use.

What’s special about this trick is that the sticker essentially becomes more valuable, since it still has its original adhesiveness in addition to being able to be moved around from place to place, making them interactive treasures. Being reusable takes away the stress of having to choose the perfect placement for your individual sticker, allowing you to experiment and play around with stickers of different shapes and sizes.

An Endless Interactive World

Stickers are fun and entertaining, but they should also be appreciated for the many ways in which they can provide functionality and interactiveness. QR code stickers combine the digital age with real, tangible items. Writing and coloring are well-loved practices that can be used on stickers to further enhance interactive experiences. Stickers can also be reusable, which increases their possibility for experimentation and makes them multi-functional items.

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