How Stickers Can Add Value to Children’s Learning

How Stickers Can Add Value to Children’s Learning

Stickers are known for their unique and entertaining visual appeal, but they’re much more than just a colorful adhesive for decorating miscellaneous objects and places. In reality, stickers serve many different functional purposes in everyday life, and one of the most important experiences that they’re able to contribute value to is children’s learning.

From parents to teachers and everyone in between, those who interact with children on a regular basis know just how crucial these early years are for developing essential life skills. No two children are the same, and part of the process of creating an effective learning environment is by trying out different teaching and learning methods, such as combining knowledge with play. Here is a list of some of the many ways that stickers can bring great value to children’s learning!

Motivation and Rewards for Learning Charts

No matter the age, learning new skills requires a lot of practice. For children, having a visual representation of their hard work and progress could potentially motivate them in their efforts for learning. However, even young ones with learning charts implemented in their everydays routines could still have trouble understanding the importance of what they’re learning. With this in mind, an alternative method for motivating children can be to introduce stakes and rewards, and stickers are the perfect way to do this!

Their shine and color can captivate children’s attention and peak their interest, encouraging them to earn their reward by accomplishing their tasks. Having one sticker could also lead to wanting another, introducing a repetitive exchange where they can learn the benefits to completing their goals. Stickers are also effective for children struggling with behavior issues. Having a simple system in place where children can understand the consequences of their actions and significance of their efforts can be a huge tool for their learning.

The Value of Ownership and Decision-Making

Kids can be rowdy and destructive, especially when it comes to their belongings. While the value of ownership may be a lesson that they learn with time, stickers can act as a less consequential example to help retain that knowledge. Keeping stickers in their prime condition requires delicate handling and care. The uniqueness of each sticker, from shape to size, makes them all the more special and harder to replace.

Given that stickers are usually a one-time use, once they’re peeled off of their liner, it soon becomes a time sensitive matter. The permanence of sticker placement can also teach children the significance of decision-making and helps them learn what they find value in, shaping their opinions and interests. Wherever children end up placing their stickers, it could potentially fill them with a sense of pride and ownership to be able to decorate their belongings how they like without it being a destructive issue.

Learning Fine Motor Skills

One of the most important abilities for children to learn during these early developmental years are fine motor skills. Having the capacity to use their hands and wrists through precise, careful movements to accomplish simple tasks can give children the confidence to be more independent and can also teach them how to problem solve. Stickers are a smart way to combine knowledge and play, as children are not only enjoying themselves, but also learning how to develop these inherent skills.

It may not seem completely evident at first, but there’s an entire process that goes into how children can benefit from playing with stickers. The act of grabbing and handling a sticker on its own teaches kids how to use their fingers and hands as support. The act of peeling a sticker requires them to use the muscles in their hands while also utilizing the pads and tips of their fingers for nimble picking. Having an easy introduction to these fine motor skills can help children refine them with more complicated tasks in the future.

From the Classroom to the Home

All in all, stickers are more than just adhesive items for children to have fun and play with. Children can benefit greatly from having stickers incorporated into their everyday learning, acting as colorful rewards in a variety of different shapes. They can also teach concepts such as the value of ownership and decision-making, or more technical abilities such as fine motor skills. In reality, a sticker’s attractive appeal is just an added bonus! If you’re interested in using custom-made stickers at home or in your classroom, contact us at StickerPrintGo today!

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