How Can Restaurants Use Stickers for Their Business?

How Can Restaurants Use Stickers for Their Business?

Do you know all the ways that stickers can help your business? Their interesting and vibrant forms in combination with their tactile and functional characteristics makes stickers a brilliant and strategic business strategy, providing convenience and enjoyment to customers and clients.

If you’re not using stickers in your business, you’re missing out on a unique and effective way to enhance your brand’s appearance and workflow. Many industries can benefit from utilizing custom made stickers in their day-to-day, but restaurants can be especially fortunate at finding success through this strategy.

Here are some of the ways your restaurant should be using stickers to its advantage!

QR Code Menus

In a world overrun with phone screens, restaurants can use innovations in technology to assist with their workload and run a smoother operation. QR code stickers display quick response barcodes that users can access through their phone cameras that will direct them to any predesignated URL.

Alongside an original design, adding QR code stickers throughout your restaurant that directs customers to your restaurant’s menu creates an easier experience for your customers, not to mention more comfortable. These QR codes can even lead directly to your restaurant’s website so that customers can order directly from their phones, giving your restaurant a solid reputation with quick and in-depth quality service.

Fun Collectables

Restaurants have become trendy hotspots for local customers and out-of-town visitors. While the main focus of your restaurant should be to provide exceptional food service, you can take your business a step further by establishing a creative and memorable brand.

Custom stickers that display your restaurant’s unique logo can act as fun collectables for recurring and devoted customers. Die-cut stickers are a popular option because they allow for special variations that leave customers wanting more! First-time customers can also be persuaded to return with the incentive of collecting as many variations as they can.

Clever Promotion

More and more restaurants are incorporating merch into their business sales because they’re a clever way to advertise your business outside of your physical location. Custom stickers can either be sold individually or given out as an extra goodie with every order, and they’ll have the same promotional effect.

Recognizability builds your restaurant’s credibility and popularity. The more recognizable your restaurant becomes, the more business and devoted customers you’re likely to attract. Using stickers to promote your restaurant also requires little to no effort on your part, so you can run your operations as usual while reaping the rewards.

Fun Packaging

Dining inside your restaurant allows customers to fully experience the location to its fullest potential, both from an interior and exterior perspective. Nevertheless, you’ll still want to make sure that customers ordering to-go will be able to carry your restaurant’s appeal with them. As luck would have it, stickers can be both alluring and functional.

For takeout purposes, using those aforementioned custom logo stickers on your packaging seals food safely while simultaneously adding an attractive extra touch to your orders. These small details can influence a customer’s impression and encourage them to return, making a huge difference to your business.


The joy of stickers doesn’t have to be limited to customer experience. The success of any restaurant or business is having an organized system that helps create a smooth and efficient workflow. Without this behind-the-scenes structure, it can be very easy for your staff to get muddled with orders and steered off track.

Use stickers to label and sort products and inventory so that your team can run a tight and successful operation behind the counter. Additionally, organizing can be fun in its own unique way! Use attractive designs that can motivate employees and brighten their mood at work.

Custom Stickers for Every Business

As you can see, stickers can be a huge driving force behind the success of your restaurant. With the convenience and promptness of QR code menu stickers, customer experience and satisfaction can skyrocket! Custom logo stickers can help with easy promotion and building a loyal customer base. They’re also effective for organizing workspaces in a distinct and creative way.

If you’re interested in using custom stickers for your restaurant, contact us today!
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